Wearables Project – Information Sleeve – Concept

Weather, time, compass …and more high viz  sleeve for bikers/outdoor

Be seen and anticipate problems on the road:

I did 14,000 miles last year – rode up to Tiblisi and down to Athens, two trips to France / Pyrenees. I have information on board the bike – GPS, time, temperature, mpg, range… I have to click through the information button to get each piece of information.  I would like to have something self powered and easy to read while I am riding, particularly in bad weather. It would be a challenge to make some thing rugged and useful to use on long journeys.

I do not necessarily need another GPS but a digital compass would be nice – also a bright LED addressable strip to show temperature, possibly barometer as well by changing colour and lighting up the LEDs along sleeve.

  • Temperature – shown by leds along the arm of ther sleeve.
  • Battery – powerbank NiMd
  • Ruggedized oled
  • Waterprood multicolour addressable LCD strip, display temp by no of lit LEDS and colour for barmteric pressure
  • numeric for displays
  • Realtime clock DS3231
  • HMC 5883L digital compass
  • Barometer
  • Humidity
  • MPU-6050 Gyro, accelerometer

Possible enclosure for components?

LED addressable strip for temp/air pressure display

learn plastic welding of seams

I2C 7 segment diplay for time

OLED display for compass and other information

Waterproof, addressable LEDs sealed into  sleeve

Powerbank to power the unit.

On/off button inside waterproof cushion

This concept for the wearables project is not necessarily ‘art’ but it will involve some opportunity to design and make a rugged outdoor, easy to read sleeve one can wear outdoors – walking cycling, motorcycling. As a keen motorcyclist, I already have a multi-function sensor on the bike, but it is hard to read in bad weather and fiddly to operate, also it can only display one piece of information at a time. This project will combine as many sensors as I can possibly include in the order as shown above.

I will experiment with waterproofing techniques, aim to seal in an oled screen and numeric leds. All will be connected via I2C bus, powered by a decent power bank. A timer will shut the unit down to save power, pressing a button inside waterproof will wake the device up or shut it down. I will use a lilypad or similar to control sensors.

Add Pi Zero with Camera? Luxury version!

Investigate friction welding to waterproof the items in pockets inside the sleeve.

Use of silicone and polycarbonate enclosure to protect OLED inside bespoke 3D printed case.

References: (more to be added)

1. Waterproofing article I found useful

2. Compass as a ring of LEDS