Led 3 x 3 Matrix and Neopixel LED strip

Link to video of Challenge 1 and 2

The exercises started in Hatchlab with breadboards… I found it frustrating that the connections I made in the breadbord were rather fragile but I went ahead and got the two exercises underway.

I decided to take the homework home and solder up a mini board with my Nano to make a testbed for the matrix. It took a little longer than I would have liked but it was worth it. I drew a sketch of the connections (snapshot in the video) – rather than drawing on Fritzing, it was quicker and helped me figure out what I had to do.

I started with the 3 x 3 matrix then I added another row of 3 leds and converted my Arduino sketches accordingly. This is also shown in the video.

The Neopixel library had some good examples and I used them to help learn how to use my 17 pixel strip (I borrowed!)

I have ordered some more Neopixel type strip from China and will return to make a more elaborate display when that arrives. I am thinking of a 10 x 10 diaplay.