Kinect Hack- doing without an adapter for connection to PC or Mac

Microsoft stopped making the adapter to join a Kinect to a PC or a Mac in October 2017. In the video I go through the steps to work around this proble. The second hand adapter now sells at about 18GBP on eBay. Originally they were free.

First – rip out the cable (plug) with a pair of pliers – it will be tough but it does come out! You are fighting with a square rubber grommet instde the case which can be removed later. The next step is to watch the video, its 35 ish minutes long.


You will need :

  • nylon tie wraps
  • female 2.1mm socket for connecting to 12V 1.5A power supply (you need that as well)
  • a USB type C “A to B cable” (as found wih some scanners or printers)
  • A set of torx security tools