24th Nov, Reflections after our discussion “The Non Human Turn”


Walking home after seeing the last surviving (playing) member of Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band, 50 years after I bought ‘Safe as Milk’ – I pick up an Evening Standard and wait for my take away chips. I feel older still. The cover headline shrieks “ROBOTS SAVE 500 LIVES IN LONDON”

Ignoring for a moment perhaps the ideological motivatation to lull our fears of the privatization of the NHS, reading an old media ‘right wing’ and biased free sheet, I stop to think of the implications of the leader article; where does this fit into the absolute survival of the human race?

After the reading of Richard Grusin’s introduction I felt pessimistic. Does this give me cause for hope? I may have my cancerous prostate removed more accurately so I do not become impotent? It may be a concern for me. My discussion partner was optimistic, look how many improvements there are in the modern world.. healthier, longer lived lives… comfort, communication… etc. I reflected on this, I can only agree. BUT… At what cost? A minority of Londoners get freedom from impotence while 350 miles north of the capital, in Cumbria, hundreds are under water due to extreme weather events this week.

Ratko Mladić the war criminal gets his come uppance through better communication, coordination through our improved telecommunications and, Mugabe forced into resignation.

The Daily Mail spreads fake news of terrorist attack in Selfridges Oxford Street London. The guitarist of the Magic band is held up, nearly missing our concert.

But wait! Fake news spread by Daily Mail about Oxford Street – this very evening..


and –

Fake News by Daily Mail


I am left with thinking – the Non Humans – out-act, out-implement consequences, beyond our control or comprehension-  but will they be a tool for our survival or the noose that finishes us off?

I suspect the latter because the stupid and lazy people (humans) outnumber the proactive thoughtful people. OK, not stupid or lazy but possibly victims of the corrosive side effects of the non-human.

Maybe some of the Magic Band audience would benefit from robot surgery, many of us will need it soon. Then, maybe the alien Annunaki will save us 😉