15th June

In the middle of a forest down a track, off a tiny road off the E45. 4th night. Second night was in Germany, uneventful not memorable apart from a staggering enclosed garden next to a static caravan, water gushes down into the pool, water irises in bloom. But that was two nights ago. When I packed up, I decided to avoid the E7 and follow the sat nav. It led me across Denmark to a ferry that skipped a corner of Denmark and dropped me off 100 miles from Copenhagen, over the bridge, 25 EUR and I’m in Sweden. The bridge terrified me,looming off the horizon, impossibly tall.the first quarter was quite stimulating as we rose high over the sea, however things got a bit stressful when I drove past each cable support hung from the central arches. Whoosh whoosh as I passed each cable, it held back the wind and gusts knocked me left as I passed each one.
Getting overcast, another 100 miles… A dog show with tents. I stop and it’s the end of the day, dogs being walked around after their evening meal. The Scandinavians love their dogs. The ferry, full of dogs, fat people sweating, bumping into each other with porters trolleys full of weak Danish supermarket lager.
5:30. I wake early to pee. Early. Dress, pack, away, on further. Mist clears. High cloud. Blue sky. Macdonalds clean hand good breakfast, WiFi.

On To Gothenburg then on the twistiest back Road, past purple blankets lupins in bloom, purple, pink, white after Mellrud on up to Dals Langred Coop, open from 8 to 22:00. Nephew Sandy, made a great vindaloo we drank beers after he showed me round the college. A lake, a rickety single track railway still used once a day to haul logs from the forest. This was running outside the back of the house. Mini student accommodation in wooden buildings resting on stilts above the ground.

I slept in a little converted shack there is no water or electricity, with a huge chimney and wood burning stove. The chimney installed by a student to work metal with. A plastic bucket with sawdust behind the house. hand made key to aprimitive lock under a brick, I lay my bed roll on the bare wooden boards, freshly installed. The Dutch girl who renovated the derelict wash house texted us the OK for me to sleep there. By the lake, the pumps outside hum constantly , in the paper factory below on the lakeside. Still light at 23:30.

I have a long look at the map, the Norwegian weather forecast site showed rain up half of Norway, I am going the west route through Sweden. I want to enjoy this trip, not show how brave I am.